Cloudy: GamFratesi studio designs a new collection for ALPI

Japanese art and clouds was the inspiration for the new ALPI wooden surface collection that is going to be unveiled at the FuoriSalone 2018.



Based on a constructive and harmonious relationship with nature, the new ALPI collections explore the natural environment, shifting beyond the identity of wood to expand the company’s aesthetic vision and to propose new conceptual dimensions defined by material and cultural qualities and a unique design approach.

The design duo GamFratesi, the new collaboration of Alpi, have taken their inspiration from ukiyo-e - the Japanese art genre that produced woodblock prints and paintings - so as to reflect on the movement and interaction of material to reproduce an instant from nature in the new creation Cloudy.

alpi2_1095Photo: ALPI + GamFratesi

Fascinated by the beauty of clouds, their elusive, fleeting forms and constantly varied nuances, GamFratesi have created the design for the new wood named Cloudy, revealing the patterns of these elements transformed into graphic signs on a black canvas. Images of an idealized reality that seduces with its visual poetry, the light, delicate pattern of Cloudy is conveyed by the contrast of the black background with intervals of ivory stripes, suggesting the evocative visions of Japanese works belonging to a faraway floating world. An impressionistic vision of nature, the result of the encounter between the conceptual path of the Denmark-based duo and the formal and stylistic research of ALPI, to put an instant of nature into focus, reproducing it in terms of a fluid minimalist language.

alpi3_1095Photo: ALPI + GamFratesi

alpi4_1095Photo: ALPI + GamFratesi